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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hoffman Better Abide by Next Week's Decision

Doug Hoffman's loss in November ate at the heart of Conservativeactivists across the Nation. It was the low-water mark in a off year election that saw Conservatism overrun two Obama backed candidacies with relative ease, Republicans win countless local elections across the Nation (especially the North East), and a strong pro-marriage victory in liberal Maine.

But that Hoffman loss still stings. What started out as an insurgent/revolt campaign against a Republican who seemed to support few Conservative ideals, turned into the "race of the year" for new and old media types, as the election shifted from Democrat Bill Owens vs. Republican Dede Scozzafava, to Democrat Bill Owens vs.Conservative Doug Hoffman.

Hoffman would end up losing by 3,500 votes, due largely to Scozzafava's name remaining on the ballot when she withdrew her candidacy the week of the vote, and her last-minute cut-throat endorsement of Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate who eventually became what we all expected him to be all along: A solid pro-Pelosi/Obama vote in Congress.

Why I am bringing this up again?

Because the Republican Nominee in New York's 23rd congressional district will be selected next Tuesday. And some individuals are concerned that if Doug Hoffman doesn't win the nomination, that he will once again run for Congress on the Conservative Party line, assuring a Bill Owens victory on election day. Something no-one wants.

If Doug Hoffman wins on Tuesday, he wins the Nomination. But if Matt Doheny (a Conservative portfolio manager) is the victor on Tuesday, he wins the Nomination. My hope is that Hoffman wins, but if he doesn't - I will not be able to support him. There is a time when men (and women) place themselves above others, for the wrong reason. And if Hoffman runs again on the Conservative Party line against the Republican Nominee, it would be for the wrong reason.

New York's 23rd congressional district - Defeat Owens, Support the Republican.

Originally posted at JiP

Monday, August 9, 2010

Details of Matt Doheny’s BUI emerge

By Sam Foster
Via Adirondack Daily Enterprise

The curious race for NY's 23rd congressional district has not been short on drama.  I reported last week that Republican candidate Matt Doheny had been detained for BWI in 2004.  The details turn out to be far more damaging.

First, Doheny's two incidents were within two weeks of each other.

Second, Mr. Doheny had become belligerent during his first incident and had to be handcuffed.  

Statements from the Coast Guard officers who boarded the vessel on July 10 say Doheny yelled at them and made threatening movements, questioned their authority to board the boat, refused to say whether he had been drinking but was stumbling and had slurred speech. He pulled away as they tried to handcuff him and was still combative when state police arrived on the scene. Doheny failed three of the seven field sobriety tests and then failed to take the breathalyzer correctly after several tries, not blowing enough air into it.

The second time, Doheny admitted to having drunk five beers and one vodka with Red Bull earlier, according to the officers' statements. Both boarding officers said he was cooperative. They brought Doheny onto the Coast Guard boat and docked Doheny's boat to allow his guests to disembark before conducting the field sobriety tests. Doheny also failed to blow into the breathalyzer hard enough after numerous tries, but ended up doing it and registering a blood alcohol content of .096.

Matt Doheny's past is going to be hard to swallow for voters sensitive about candidate misconduct as a result of ethics investigations of well-known NY congressman Charlie Rangel.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Expect Another Three-Way Race in NY-23

Some interesting news from the North Country district in New York. Last year saw the heated race between Democrat Bill Owens, Republican Dede Scozafava, and Conservative Doug Hoffman (who we interviewed at JiP.) Hoffman lost in the tight three-way race to Owens, who captured less than 50% of the vote.

Now it appears that there will be a new three-way race for the district this year, at least according to one source.

Looks like it will be a barn-burner:

Hoffman, 60, insists he still has strong support in the district, and has not lost any of his momentum from last fall. His campaign released its own poll last week of 300 likely Republican primary voters, showing Hoffman leading Doheny by 32 points, 52 percent to 20 percent.

Rob Ryan, speaking for Hoffman, said the campaign is not worried about its financial disadvantage heading into the primary. He added, “Doug Hoffman will have the resources needed to win the Republican primary. And he is the only candidate who can unite the Republican and Conservative parties and defeat Bill Owens in November.”

Unfortunately, this division will just help the incumbent. Despite NY-23 being a conservative district, it did go for Barack Obama in 2008.Having Owens running as a conservative veteran incumbent will definitely hurt the chances the GOP has to win back the seat.

Cross-posted at JiP.