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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Double election scheduled in November for NY’s 29th Congressional District has voters confused

By Sam Foster
Via WENY News

When November 2nd rolls around this year, voters in NY's 29th Congressional District will have to do the one thing no one ever does in an election; VOTE TWICE!  Thanks to Gov. Patterson's politically motivated decision to hold a special election to replace former congressman Eric Massa on the same day as the regular 2010 elections, voters are bound for confusion this elections cycle.

Below is a video from WENY on the topic

Just to help straighten things out as early as possible, here is how the NY 29th congressional race has shaped up thus far.

NY 29th's Special Election will be between (and is not likely to change):

Republican Tom Reed
Democrat Matthew Zeller

NY 29th's Regular Election will be between (Is likely to change by September)

Republican winner of September's primary
Current candidates include:
Tom Reed
Angelo Campini
Janice Volk

Democrat winner of September's primary
Current candidate:
Matthew Zeller

We hope to obtain copies from the local board of elections of the November ballots for educational purposes when it comes time for November's elections, so please check back for detailed help with the ballots.

Voters of NY's 29th, please remember to vote twice in November!


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