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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updated: Judge Rules on 29th Congressional Dictrict: No congressional representation until November

By Sam Foster
Via Wham 13

District Judge Larimer has finally announced his decision on the lawsuit challenging Governor David Patterson to hold a speedy special election to replace disgraced congressman Eric Massa in NY's 29th Congressional District.

The Judge Larimer rules the following:

In the decision Judge Larimer rules in favor of the plaintiffs argument that a special election should be scheduled. He in turn ruled that so long as the Governor schedules that special election on or before November 2, 2010 (the day of the General Election) than he has fulfilled his obligations.

The decision is a blow to both the citizens of the 29th who have been without representation for three months and a November election means they will continue to go without a voice in Washington for nearly a full year.

I've contacted several parties involved in the case and hope to provide everyone with some insight on whether there will be an appeal.


Tom Reed's response below:

“This seat has been held hostage by the leadership in Washington and Albany for far too long and we had hoped that the Governor will do the right thing and call a special election sooner,” Reed said. “Six hundred and sixty thousand western New Yorkers will have to wait even longer and have no voice in the House on coming issues such as the carbon tax, immigration reform and the on-going appropriations process that will decide the 2011 Federal budget.”

In making the ruling shortly before 5:00PM this afternoon, United States District Court Judge David Larimer said that Governor Paterson must call a special election and cannot let the seat go vacant until Jan. 1, 2011. However the ruling did not compel the governor to hold the special election any earlier than his stated intention of November 2. Thus it is likely that a special election and general election will be held concurrently in November, possibly with different candidates selected by different processes on different lines for different terms.

“It might be a very confusing ballot, but we are confident that our message of no more borrowing and living within our means and less federal government intrusion into our lives will carry both elections in November,” Reed said. “We’ll keep taking our message to the voters as we have been for almost a year. Our momentum and support is growing every day.”


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