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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nan Hayworth responds to John Hall's attacks on energy policy

By Sam Foster
Via NY Daily News

I hate to watch national political games filter into local elections, but since John Hall is the poster boy for the Democratic Congressional Committee and Obama lap-dog, it's no surprise that he has released a political attack video distorting challenger Nan Hayworth's stance on energy policy:

Nan Hayworth - Environmentally Sound from American Exception on Vimeo.

John Hall's campaign released the following statement:

"Hudson Valley residents have a right to know where Nan Hayworth stands. Nan Hayworth can run but she can't hide. Despite Hayworth's attempt to block a video exposing her positions and their environmental and economic costs, the video has been re-posted here, so you can know the facts," said Hall campaign manager Patrick McGarrity.

"The bottom line - Nan Hayworth continues to stand with BP and BP apologists like Congressmen Price and Barton. Instead of holding corporations accountable, she's decided to stand with the big oil companies and their irresponsible offshore drilling policies - and stick American taxpayers with the bill. New Yorkers have a right to know."

A good campaign will responds quickly and effectively.  Nan Hayworth released the following video in response.

She may not be the best speaker on camera, but I like her call to John Hall to hold a serious discussion as opposed to rely on Democrat Hyperbole:

"Mr. Hall, if you're interested in an honest discussion, you know where to find me."</

In truth, incumbent John Hall's own stance on energy policy relies firmly on the Democrat misdirection known only as "and something magic will happen."

From John Hall's website:

In order to break away from our reliance on old sources of energy and to forge a new, clean energy future America must take bold, comprehensive action. I support undertaking an aggressive, sweeping, Apollo program-like effort to spur research into new technologies, renewable sources of energy, and energy efficiency

Sounds great right?  You'd think Tinkerbelle has just sprinkled John Hall with magic fairy dust and he began thinking happy thoughts on energy policy.  

However, there is no magic out there that is going to solve our energy needs as Mr. Hall pretends.  He has unapologetically supported energy policies that a Harvard Study agrees will bring $7 dollars a gallon at the pump.  Come November, the voters of the 19th congressional district will vote on whether they can afford to reelect John Hall.  

Also see, Nan's response to liberal bloggers at the Albany Project.


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