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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anthony Melé for Congress: Man of Honor

By Raquel Okyay
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Republicans are up to their old tricks again – non-aggression pacts to be exact. These are deals Republicans make with Democrats to keep incumbents in office. One has to wonder why Democrats make deals at all, they do run New York State government –some say running into the ground – however Democrats make deals because what is at stake this election cycle is redistricting of election seats.

2010 is the U.S. Census year when federal officials attempt to calculate the number of people residing in America. Analysis provided to state governments gives states like New York the ammunition to redistrict areas that favors officials already in office. Essentially, these officials use the census to further their own political careers, and, since the #1 goal of every politician is to stay in office, redistricting becomes a game of “What will you do for me?”

Making deals with Democrats hurts Republicans

Because Republicans want to lose to sixteen year incumbent Democrat, Elliot Engel, is the only reason (I can think of) why Party leaders in District 17 (includes Rockland, Westchester and Bronx Counties) are NOT supporting Republican Anthony Melé for Congress, over stand-in candidate Republican York Kleinhandler.

Tony Melé’s credentials speak for itself; he is a U.S. Army Veteran with a military, intelligence, security expertise background that is unbeatable. His straightforward and honest approach makes him likeable to the public, the Tea Party, Conservatives and Independents. Melé, dedicated to Republican principles of free market, low taxes and less government, has promised to follow the U.S. Constitution and bring sanity to a broken Republic (a promise Tony takes seriously!).

The sad truth is Republicans who follow along with non-aggression pacts – leverage the people’s vote – and do not represent the people at all. When Republicans in comfy positions with deals already in play, see a candidate like Tony Melé they run, far, far, away because they want an insider that will play along, not Tony Melé, a man of the People, unafraid to fight the good fight.

Inadequacies of York Kleinhandler and the Republican Party

Kleinhandler, for one, is a moderate, socially liberal, act like a Democrat-Republican. That was the first clue that York is a stand-in so that Engel keeps his seat. When voters want to vote for the Democrat they do, they do not need Democrat-lite. For two, Kleinhandler is being sued in Federal Court in Florida for life insurance fraud (cheating from Grandma), and Party leaders act like its “no big deal”.

The third clue was the improper maneuvers the Party effectuated to hand the GOP designation to Kleinhandler. Kudos to Westchester County for attempting to run a fair convention that resulted in a slim win for Kleinhandler, but keep in mind, that win came after three vote counts that had Melé ahead, and in the final and fourth count with mounting pressure, two delegates switched to Kleinhandler affording him the win.

In the Bronx, Melé did not have access to the delegate count and was unable to verify votes, making such count unverifiable, and (in my eyes) fraudulent at worst; in bad faith at best. In Rockland County, things are much worse, County Chair Vincent Reda (is also Vice Chair of the State Party) is on a mission to keep Engel’s seat safe.

Reda gave Melé delegates in Rockland County the wrong date for the convention on purpose so that a designation “win” for Kleinhandler would be forthcoming and a loss for Republicans inevitable. When that was not enough to stop Melé from petitioning primary voters to be placed on the ballot, Reda, of all people, decides to question Melé’s honor (what a joke!).

The convention process has given us our officially designated and endorsed candidates. It is time to put Party before personal ambition and to unite behind all of them as move ahead with the campaign. This is particularly the case in the 17th Congressional District where York Kleinhandler is our official nominee…Joe McLaughlin and Anthony Melé agreed to abide by the will of the party and not run a primary. Mr. McLaughlin has kept his promise. Unfortunately Anthony Melé has broken his word of honor. Do not carry or sign his petition! Support our nominees!!!! Vincent Reda’s letter to Republicans dated June, 2010

Mr. Reda: Where is the honor in making misleading and disingenuous statements while pretending to be the caretaker of truth?

Lessons in Honor

Our opponents would detract from our efforts here today by characterizing us as being motivated by fear of change. They would seek to deceive us with the falsehood of redefining honor to mean yielding to their will and that expressing a difference of opinion is disloyal.

I look around this room and I do not see a people motivated by fear, lacking honor or exhibiting disloyalty. Honor means to do what is right even when no one is looking or will praise you for it.

The difference between loyalty and lemmings are lemmings will blindly follow the lemming in front of them over the cliff into oblivion and loyalty is the one who prevents those behind him from suffering the same fate as the ones in front of him.

It falls to us to remind the political party leadership that we are Republicans, a fiercely independent minded, free people and not the Sopranos. – Anthony Melé, June 27, 2010

Republican voters in District 17 have two options:

1. Help Tony Melé get on the ballot by collecting petitions for him; or
2. Do what Reda says, support party candidates only, and see incumbent Democrat Engel win for the eighth election cycle in a row.

The choice in this election is a cake-walk – Tony Melé for U.S. Congress!


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