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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No appeal in the lawsuit to force a speedy special election in NY’s 29th congressional district

By Sam Foster

It looks like the residents of NY's 29th congressional district will be without a voice in congress for at least 270 days, though more likely to be nearer to 300.  I just confirmed with Carl Edwards, leader of the Cattaraugus County Tea Party and one of the plaintiffs named in the lawsuit, that there will not be a repeal of Judge Larimer's ruling.  The judge ruled that Gov. Patterson must call a special election, so long as it is held by the date of the national elections on November 2nd.  Gov. Patterson has already indicated that he plans to call the election for that date.

The motivation for the late timing of the special election are purely political and have been discussed in great detail at this blog.  Please check out our article that was featured in the American Thinker.  However, the situation has become as disappointing as it is odd where it concerns Democrat candidate Matt Zeller, who has refused to join in calling for a speedy special election.  True to the party line, Matt Zeller argued in an interview with Wham 13 that an election would be costly and would disenfranchise military residents.  Matt Zeller stuck so firmly to his party line on this issue that he never realized the sheer ridiculousness of quitting his job in Washington and moving into the 29th congressional district to run in a race he says should not be held.  

Regardless, the real tragedy is that the residents of NY's 29th will not have their voices heard on congressional bills of historic and sweeping proportion.  Currently, congress is debating on a $125 billion stimulus bill.  Cap and trade and immigration reform are two issues that have been floated for potential summer votes.  Already, NY-29 was without representation during health care bill passed in March.

Carl Edwards sited monetary issues as the main reason a repeal effort will not go forward.


Fenway_Nation said...

Heh....I remember when Patterson cited concerns over 'the economic impact of calling a special election to the District'.

Because nothing says 'defecit hawk' like an unelected Democrat that's governor of one of the bluest states in the union.

conservative generation said...

Zeller parroted Patterson's excuse. I think he will have some answering to do with his lack of support for a special election.

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