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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Matt Zeller allergic to holding fundraisers inside his district?

By Sam Foster

According to Matt Zeller's Facebook, he's holding another fundraiser outside of his district. When I saw the event, I decided to look up the venue in the hopes that I might attend and see young Matt in action, but alas the venue is far out of range. It's being held at One restaurant and lounge, off of East Ave in the city of Rochester, which is not in his district, nor is it near most of his constituents. However, it is very close to where Matt grew up, also not in the district. A week ago, Matt was in NYC raising dough. NYC is also not in his district.

This leaves me to believe that Matt is either allergic to his district or simply doesn't like being in his district.


Anonymous said...

Since Matt is an ordinary person like you and does not have million in his pocket, he needs to raise money for his campaign and obtain support. duh.. and fundraisers are not limited to just the district.

conservative generation said...

Anonymous - you make a valid point, however, he is also the only candidate who has never lived in the district. It makes gives context to his out of district social agenda.

Here's the real question, why isn't he challenging Louise Slaughter for the district he grew up in?

Anonymous said...

How is it that any of you are such experts on where Matt grew up and what district it is? Do you REALLY know his childhood address?

I do...............

conservative generation said...

Yup! Meigs St. Thank you for playing. This explains why he's hanging out at a bar down the road from his stomping grounds.

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