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Monday, June 7, 2010

Suit-Kote CEO fires both barrels at Democrat Michael Arcuri of NY-24

By Sam Foster

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Via Oneida Dispatch

Yesterday Frank Suits, president and CEO of Suit-Kote Corporation responded to a fund raising email sent by Democrat congressman for NY-24, Michael Arcuri, in an attempt to solicit donations in the wake of the company's misfortune.  Mr. Frank's comments are brilliant.  At a time where democrats are throwing flames and everything else including the kitchen sink at businesses for political gain, Mr. Suits does not pull his punches.  His full letter is below (read here):

Congressman Michael Arcuri recently sent out an e-mail attempting to raise money off of the misfortune that has befallen more than one hundred Suit-Kote Corporation employees.

The congressman's e-mail does not represent the type of conduct the people of the 24th Congressional District should expect from their elected congressional representative. A corporation that employs nearly seven hundred of those very constituents, should not expect such conduct, either.

Mr. Arcuri is trying to hide behind his misguided political rhetoric to make the executives at Suit-Kote Corporation look like villains for financially supporting an honorable individual, Richard Hanna, who knows first-hand how to create jobs and has pledged to go to Washington to fight for Suit-Kote families who rely on their jobs to support their families.

Since getting to Congress, Mr. Arcuri has, time and time again, voted against the interests of Upstate New York and the employees of Suit-Kote Corporation. Whether it was the completely un-American Card Check legislation, the runaway spending or the 15 times he voted in favor of the onerous Cap and Trade bill, Mr. Arcuri, it seems, has gone out of his way to earn our support for his opponent.

The congressman has proven where his allegiance is by supporting Nancy Pelosi and her ultra-liberal agenda a mind-numbing 92 percent of the time. And when he does oppose her wishes, it more often than not is because it wasn't liberal enough. Remember, he supported the original "Obama Care" bill that would have led to single-payer government option, and opposed the "not-so" watered down version that was signed into law.

Now that the congressmen has resorted to small-minded attacks about our recent layoffs, we would like to set the record straight. The reason those families are out of work is a direct result of the incompetence of his fellow Democrats in Albany. Their inability to do their job has caused great hardships on this corporation and the individuals we employ. Furthermore, we find Mr. Arcuri's "blame the victim" method of leadership as completely inexcusable. Instead of launching cheap attacks at his opponent maybe he can talk to his colleagues in Albany so all of our employees can get back to work!

Oh, and by the way, our corporation has decided to bring back 60 of those employees even though we are not being paid for our services by the State of New York. Put simply, we have made the decision to self-finance those 60 jobs to get some of our dedicated workers off of the unemployment line. However, we wouldn't want the facts to get in the way of your desperate attempts at political survival.

Mr. Arcuri, I believe you owe an apology to the families of Suit-Kote Corporation, but most importantly, I think it's time you went to Washington to represent their interests.

Can you imagine if businesses across America had the guts, as Mr. Suits certainly has, to stand up to democrats?  For now, I'm just glad that to have found one.


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How original - Democrats bad /Conservatives good...

Your blog is boring.

conservative generation said...

How original, an anonymous troll doesn't like my blog. If you really weren't interested you wouldn't have bothered posting a comment.

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