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Thursday, June 3, 2010

In the world of campaign promise whoppers, nothing beats Dan Maffei’s promise to bring back manufacturing jobs

By Sam Foster

According to Channel 9 WSYR, Maffei promised to bring back manufacturing jobs:

"Its just a start, but we really need the kind of innovation that's going to lead to a true 21st century economy. If we do that, I'm convinced that we're going to have manufacturing jobs for the foreseeable future."

While it is true, successful innovation does bring jobs, it is no guarantee that the local manufacturing jobs will ever return from overseas.  Nor does his comments layout any sort of vision or plan for achieving his goal.  It is despicable for a candidate to promise a fantasy in the face of the very real hurt that the local manufacturing sector.

A serious candidate would understand that the economy needs real solutions not ridiculous campaign fantasies.  If it isn't already painfully clear, Dan Maffei will say anything to get elected.


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