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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ann Marie Buerkle fundraising continues struggle in 2nd quarter

By Sam Foster

Money certainly isn't everything in a campaign, but it certainly does help…a lot.  Ann Marie Buerkle's 2nd quarter fundraising results are in and they are surprisingly anemic.  

According to the report, Ann Marie raised roughly $70,000 from April through June 2010 and roughly $150,000 in cash on hand.  It's a far cry from Democrat incumbent Dan Maffei who had roughly $1.1 million in cash on hand back in March.  His 2nd quarter filings are due tomorrow.

Buerkle's filing might explain why she sought Sarah Palin's endorsement earlier in the week.  Ann Marie Buerkle was also recently endorsed by the SBA List.  Hopefully these endorsements will materialize into donations.  


RightKlik said...

Doesn't a Palin endorsement come with an avalanche of cash?

Buerkle is a great candidate!

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