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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Gibson: Rock Star Republican

By Raquel Okyay

Impressive! Decorated, retired Army Colonel – Republican Chris Gibson, running for Congress in New York’s District 20 against phony “blue dog” Democrat Scott Murphy, is more than just incredibly knowledgeable and articulate in promoting better, smarter government and policy, his credentials alone speak volumes to Gibson’s ability to lead during an era begging for leadership.

Military historian and columnist, Victor Davis Hanson, says the following about Chris Gibson:

Chris Gibson is different from the rest of us. His past is almost mythical: PhD from Cornell, author of a good book on military/civilian relations, 24 years in the military, retired at rank of colonel, West Point instructor, 7 overseas deployments (4 in Iraq), a medal winner for gallantry (4 bronze stars), wounded in battle (purple heart) — it goes on and on. I met him when he was a security fellow at Hoover, and again in Iraq when deployed in Anbar province during the surge in 2007. I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite like him — fearless, soft-spoken, 19th century in belief and comportment, honest.

If Gibson makes it to Congress, creating jobs and stabilizing the economy is his priority. “Small business owners will tell you that removing impediments to growth will create jobs,” says Gibson who proceeds to outline three impediments to job growth that if removed, would benefit the economy:

1. Excessive taxation on small business in New York keeps small businesses from hiring new workers.
2. Burdensome regulation extinguishes creative ideas and stunts would-be projects from succeeding.
3. Repeal and replace the health care bill with one that truly reduces costs, adds competition, transparency and tort reform.

Democrat Scott Murphy pretending to be a fiscal conservative

The following statement is from the Murphy campaign published in on July 15:

Congressman Scott Murphy (NY-20) sent a letter to the House Leadership along with other members of the Blue Dog Coalition urging them to properly impose budget enforcement mechanisms that cut and restrain the growth in federal spending…Congress must make sure that deficit reduction continues to be a top priority and that we reduce spending and pay for our priorities both now and in the future.

If only the Murphy campaign meant what it said, voters in District 20 would not be so angered by the runaway spending and borrowing conducted by the current administration and its hopeless followers – Democrats in Congress, including Scott Murphy.

Murphy is such a “fiscal conservative” he votes with admitted liberal spender Speaker Pelosi 90% of the time. Murphy voted for the health care bill. By doing so, he voted for higher taxes, more borrowing, and bigger deficits. Murphy is in support of cap & trade legislation designed to tax Americans for energy use. Implementation dictates that higher taxes will lead to more borrowing and larger deficits. Calling Murphy a “fiscal conservative” is like calling Fidel Castro a protector of human rights.

Repeal and Replace the Democrat in District 20

For Democrats in New York, District 20 is about as vulnerable as it gets. Murphy beat Republican Jim Tedisco by less than 1,000 votes in a special election early last year. The reason why Murphy won is because he campaigned as a “fiscal conservative” which is what the voters want. Unfortunately, however, Murphy governs like a fiscal nightmare. Nothing is scarier than knowing that future generations will have to pay for the out of control government growth and spending that has amassed in the past year and a half.

The only way Americans can pay for such reckless habits in Congress, is by creating opportunities for business and growth. Here is the chance of a lifetime, to elect Chris Gibson to Congress, a representative from New York who has the momentum, ability and fortitude to oust Murphy and send a strong message to other hypocrite Democrats in Congress like Murphy:

Actions speak louder than words. Either act like a fiscal conservative and stop spending tax payer money, or say bye-bye in November.

Spread the word, Chris Gibson is an A+ candidate, who says what he means, and means what he says. District 20 is lucky to have him! (God bless you Chris – best of luck!)


Fenway_Nation said...

If I remember correctly, Murphy wound up winning by a margin of 700 or so votes in the district in last year's special election while running as a fiscal conservative. Now that he's actually been in office and generally voting with Pelosi when he isn't sending out glossy mailers thinly disguised as campaign literature on taxpayer dime, the voters of NY-20 have a better understanding of what a 'Blue Dog' is- Talks like Teddy Roosevelt on the campaign trail, governs like Teddy Kennedy while in office....

Also....don't forget that the nonpartisan Cook Political Report had the district going from "Likely D" to "Leaning D" (the lightest shade of blue) this month, with Murphy's approval rating at 50%. I'm actually a little surprised NY-20 isn't considered a toss-up, right now. I'm not sure what metrics Cook uses, but I think money and approval ratings are the two big ones....

RP McMurphy said...

Where this race will really change is September when the first local polls come out. Then it will be seen as a Toss-Up and move to that status by Rothenberg, Sabato, and Cook. It's all downhill for Murphy from there.

Anonymous said...

As a 27 year resident of the 20th District I have never felt as unrepresented and abandoned by the federal government in my life as I have since Kirsten Gillibrand and Scott Murphy came to town. Murphy is a phony who votes with Pelosi and Obama the great majority of the time. If you want Obama Care, if you want to be taxed right out of your homes, your cars and your jobs by the CAP and TAX legislation that Murphy supports, if you believe in the Marxist strategies of class warfare and redistribution of wealth that Obama, Pelosi and Murphy support, then by all means vote for Murphy.

If you think that it is about time that we get our country back and that our country gets back on track to being the greatest country in the world (not the 3rd rate country that Obama and Company are driving us to be), if you reject the radical left wing approach to governing that will eventually enslave us all finacially and physically, then vote for Chris Gibson.

Brian Bertha said...

Chris Gibson is the real deal. He is a local boy who wants whats best for his community I say lets give him a chance.

Anonymous said...

I served with Colonel Gibson for several years in the 82nd, and i can tell you that he is a competent, fearless leader who leads by example. Ive seen him in action. If you get in a gunfight with terrorists(Ive seen him in several gun battles), you want him around and that is the honest truth...

Duane Taylor said...

I have met Chris Gibson two times and volunteer for his campaign. He is the real deal!!! He is a leader with a great moral compess and character that is second to none! We(district 20 voters are fools if we let him loose this race)! Chris grew up in a working class family and was raised to work hard and take nothing for granted! He has the leadership,education and values to lead us in district 20!
Chris's military background is an incredible success story. From a private to a colonel in his 24 year career. Proven leadership under fire!

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