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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Campini Out, Volk In, and Tom Reed manages over 10,000 petitions

By Sam Foster
Via The Fighting 29th and Tom Reed's Facebook

Rottenchester over at The Fighting 29th reports that Angelo Campini who was weighing a challenge to Tom Reed in the Republican primary this September is bowing out of the race since he failed to collect enough signatures to make the primary ballot.  Janice Volk on the other hand released a statement that her campaign has enough petitions to make the primary.  

Meanwhile, the Reed campaign is boasting 820 petitions collected for 10,500 signatures.  Running up to the primary petition deadlines, candidate's dash for cash and petitions as an early runoff to prove their party support.  

Hopefully, we will have Tom Reed's 2nd quarter financial information tomorrow.  Volk has yet to register with the FEC, which is required if the candidate collects more than $5,000 in contributions.

Correction: Angelo Campini is not ending his campaign. Instead, he hopes to run as a write-in candidate.


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