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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Volk Campaign: Sexism/Racism, but no follow up!

By Sam Foster

I've had the pleasure of corresponding with the Janice Volk campaign on occasion. I have even mentioned this in the past, but her campaign really needs to work on follow up if they are going to push stories in the media.

(Please note, I'm writing this piece coming from the assumption that the campaign's claims are true. Honestly, I've been following the campaign closely and have not seen anyone interject race or sex into the election)

Thursday, the Volk campaign told Sean Carrol of WHAM 13 that:

Cary also raises the issue of racism and sexism. This is something that stood out to me and it may warrant the attention of another blog entirely. “Janice nor the committee assume that the motivation for these actions are based on racism or sexism” is the exact wording. My question – so why bring it up? I mean isn’t that statement a backdoor way of interjecting the issue of racism and sexism into this conversation about petition signatures? To that Cary said, “That’s not my intention, I don’t want that to happen.”

More specifically on this issue, Cary said there are a lot of hateful things circulating about his candidate, Janice Volk. He said that perhaps it’s because only 1.8% of the population in NY-29 is African American. He said there are blogs where very nasty comments are being made about Volk’s gender and race.

As any good reporter would do, Sean Carrol asks for her campaign to send him the information. Come Friday, Sean Carrol is still waiting:

Just letting you all know I'm continuing to check on some of the allegations made by Janice Volk's campaign manager. Terry Cary told me yesterday that he'd provide me with links to blog posts or comments that are racist and/or sexist in nature towards his candidate. I followed up with Cary this morning via email, and this evening with a phone call. I have yet to hear back.

If you want the press to follow through and run with your story. You can't leave them hanging.


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