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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tom Reed speaks out on July 2nd's middle of the night vote

By Sam Foster
Via Tom Reed's Facebook

Looks like there is going to be yet another midnight holiday vote for the Democrats. Perhaps the real strategy in defeating the Obama agenda should be in ending holiday's? Tom Reed had some great comments on the vote.

I am concerned by reports out of Washington this afternoon that as much as $17 billion in unrelated domestic spending may be added to the emergency Afghanistan and Iraq war
supplemental bill which will be voted on in the middle of the night tonight. This illustrates three very disturbing things about how Washington operates.

First, this emergency funding for operations was requested by the Secretary of Defense months ago. In the request, Sec. Gates asked for the funds by July 4. Voting on the funding was delayed as long as possible and now rushed onto the agenda for a last minute vote so that time pressure and political arm twisting become a huge factor.

Second, as usual, support for our troops on the ground is being shamelessly manipulated by Washington politicians for their own gain. Why not discuss and vote on $17 billion in unrelated domestic spending separate from the emergency defense spending? If the unrelated $17 billion has merit why not allow a separate vote?

Third, the vote in the House is expected to be taken after midnight tonight, right before a holiday weekend. If the process and actions of the Speaker Pelosi and the Washington leadership
were so noble, why do votes like this often seem to be taken in the dark of night right before a holiday? Why are they taken when the fewest Americans will be watching and reading media coverage?

Is it too much to ask that spending votes be debated in the light of day? Is it too much to ask that unrelated spending not be added to defense bills? This is why we need a change in the leadership in the House of Representatives. Enough is enough.


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