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Friday, October 8, 2010

Capital Region Congressional Races Are Pivotal

by Gilhags

Cross posted on the Times Union Tea Party Blog

I’m not exactly sure what’s happening “out there” I don’t know who or where the problem started but I do know we’re out of time and if a solution isn’t found soon, we’re in danger of losing the races we’ve focused so much time and energy over the past several months. I would like to point out some things I do know.

First, we all love our country. So much so, we’ve decided to “get off the couch” and write a letter or carry a sign; some of us have even traveled to DC for a rally or two.

Second, we’re all right and wrong at the same time, the “Tea Party” isn’t a party. It’s America at her best. It’s all of us, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever you feel you need to call yourself. It is people wanting a better life for themselves and their families. It’s what our founders intended. It is us taking pride in ourselves so that we can work towards a better future for our communities and country. It’s a movement that will stay at the forefront of American politics from here on out. So long as we agree to hold every elected official accountable, again, whether they be Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever whether they call themselves.

Thirdly, I feel confident in stating that we can all agree that Scott Murphy (D-NY 20) and Paul Tonko (D-NY 21) simply do not represent the values and needs of upstate New Yorkers and they must both be held accountable and voted out! As much as I hate to admit it, if we don’t do it this year, they will most certainly be more entrenched and un-beatable next election. Therefore, I recommend that we make room for our differences in the present but we “keep our eye on the prize” and work together to un-elect both Tonko and Murphy. Each has amassed huge amounts of money for their campaigns, compliments of Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the House leadership for their votes for Health Care. Let us send the message this year that your dirty political money can’t beat the will of the people.

Getting rid of Tonko and Murphy are priority number one! I also think the best way to accomplish that goal is to promote Gibson (running for NY 20) and Danz (running for NY 21), and we will hold them accountable. If elected, they’ll be on a very short leash and if they don’t perform, we will vote them out in two years, it’s that simple.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a pivotal and historic time. I urge you all to look at the NYS Board of Elections website; you’ll see almost every single elected office in this great state is held by a Democrat, we need to break through that “machine.” Our founders would be proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last two years. Let’s be able to say that same statement in three years from now. Let’s work together, please.


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