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Monday, October 25, 2010

Spitzer’s Madam, Kristin Davis: "I won't dye my hair for votes" and plays the sexism card too

By Sam Foster

The NY press corps, really, really wants Andrew Cuomo to be the next governor, which is why they are busy lampooning absolutely ever other candidate running against him, no matter how fringe those candidates may be.  I called them out on Carl Paladino and on Jimmy McMillan.  Now it's my duty to point out their latest victim, Elliot Spitzer's Madam, Krisin Davis of the Anti-Prohibition Party.  

After last week's gubernatorial debate, NY Post published the following on Kristin Davis:

IT IS a mark of the low comic absurdity of last night's lolla palooza that there were only two people who sounded even minimally comfortable last night, and one of them was a hooker -- Kristin Davis, the former "Manhattan Madam" who talked about the danger of high taxes when she wasn't reading ghostwritten one-liners about the difference between her brothel and the MTA from a cheat sheet in her lap.

In the
Daily Caller today, Kristin Davis responded and trumped NY Post's "she's a hooker" hand with the sexism card:

To downplay my performance by saying I used "cheat sheets" is just ridiculous. Can I not be blonde and smart? Can I not read the paper and have my own opinions on the issues? Perhaps my jokes were just too good.

I understand that being blonde, and a former madam, lends itself to a certain stereotype, and I constantly fight to dispel such misperceptions. It would probably be easier to just buy a $6.00 bottle of hair dye and go dark, which would immediately increase my IQ level. However, I refuse to give in to such stereotypes and change myself when it's what I'm saying that's important — not how I look.

Perhaps I should have just written notes on my hand. Or put them in my bra and pulled them out on stage. Now that would have generated press coverage.

Kristin Davis is correct, NY Post was being sexist.  Why can't a woman and brothel owner be as articulate as her former clients?  Does the press really need to stoop this deep in the muck?

But, the madam shouldn't get confused over the Post's low blow.  It wasn't the hair thing; it was the prostitution business thing.  Either way, I've got to thank Kristin Davis.  She will now always be remembered by me, as the candidate who threatened to dye their hair for votes.


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