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Friday, October 8, 2010

Democrat Matt Zeller for NY-29 threatens constituents to vote for him or lose their congressional district

By Sam Foster
Via the Corning Leader
H/T The Fighting 29th

Two weeks ago, a report was released showing that NY was projected to lose two congressional districts once the 2010 census data was finalized.  It's sad trend that has plagued NY for several previous redistricting years.  Speculation has been that at least one of the potential vanishing districts would be in Upstate NY; most suggest NY-23 or NY-29.

Matt Zeller, Democrat running against Republican Tom Reed for NY's 29th congressional district settled the matter in a threat to his constituents the other day.  In speaking to the local Corning Leader, Zeller said:

"You'll get representation from Rochester or Buffalo or Syracuse," Zeller said Wednesday. "I've already been told by state Democrats if I win this thing, the seat stays pretty much the way it is. If I lose, this seat goes bye-bye. The people of Corning will be represented by someone from Rochester or Syracuse or Buffalo."

The comment would be innocent had he been warning that State Republicans would make his constituent's district disappear.  No, Matt is clearly warning that his own party will punish the voters in his district if they don't vote Zeller in November.  

Great motto guys: If Zeller can't beat 'em, NY Democrats will threaten them.

On a side note, it is amusing that Zeller warns his district that they might get a Rochester representative…when…he…is a Rochester representative.


Fenway_Nation said...

'Nice Little District you have here'.....

The Dems in NY State already have shown what contempt they hold for NY-29 after those special elections for NY-23 and NY-20....where election dates were announced within a week or two of resignation....districts where the Dems were at least competitive.

When Massa stepped down, how many months did it take for Patterson to call for a special election? In November?

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