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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council slams NY Democrats Bishop, Hall, Murphy and Maffei

By Sam Foster

Many NY congressional Democrats are running as pro-small business.  As I pointed out, it could come back to haunt them.  However, since Democrats are spending a lot of money to sound Pro-Main Street, the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council came out with a rating today in the NY Post to put the matter to bed.  The ratings show that NY's congressional caucus is abysmal and all of Upstate's favorite "pro-small business" democrats made the list.

Here are the ratings from the races you are interested in-

Tim Bishop has a great big ZERO.

"Still the One" we need in Washington; John Hall? Small Businesses say ZERO!

The great businessman turned congressman in NY's 20th, Scott Murphy?  He got a 7% rating.

Dan Maffei proved that yes, it is possible to score, but score lower than Scott Murphy.  He put up a 5%.

Bill Owens topped out all of the congressional Democrats on the list at 23% and Michael Arcuri rated 18%.  These guys are the big moderates by the way.

Their ads say that they are great for your businesses, but actual businesses say no way.


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