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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall out of your seat Shocking! Chris Gibson surges 26 points to take 9 point lead in Siena Poll!

By Sam Foster

Chris Gibson, Republican candidate for NY's 20th congressional district is soaring in the polls, he's overcome a 17 point deficit in the Siena Poll and is nearly leading by double digits.  The poll, which now projects Gibson as the clear frontrunner, shows Chris Gibson up by 9 points.

Via Siena Polling:

"Chris Gibson has completely erased a 17-point deficit and now takes a strong nine-point lead into the final week of the campaign against incumbent Scott Murphy," said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.  "Republican voters have come home to Gibson. He had led by only 27 points and now leads by nearly 60 points among Republicans. He has also won over independents, who had previously sided with Murphy by a nearly two-to-one margin, and now give Gibson a seven-point lead."

The results have some serious implications, not just for NY-20.  Siena has been the only non-partisan polling covering NY congressional races and nearly all the polls have swung in Democrats favor.  This latest poll may actually give credence to all the favorable Republican polling in the area.  Just last week, Republican polling had Gibson with a small, conservative two point lead.

If areas Republicans are indeed surging and previous Siena polling has been favoring Democrats, than there might be something to the Republican polling showing Ann Marie Buerkle up one point as opposed to trailing by 12.


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