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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Siena Poll for NY-29: Tom Reed leads Democrat Matt Zeller by 14 points

By Sam Foster

Via NY Daily News:

By Siena's tally, Reed is up 44% to 30% over Zeller, but fully 26% of voters have yet to make up their minds.

The region has a significant Republican enrollment edge, noted Siena's Steve Greenberg. But "While each candidate has virtually the same percentage of voters who have favorable or unfavorable views of them, Reed is unknown to more than half of the voters and Zeller is unknown to more than three-quarters. Only 16% of voters have seen or heard a Reed commercial and only about one in ten have heard or seen an ad for Zeller."


Anonymous said...

You do not properly present the articles and the facts. This blog is irresponsible and untrue reporting. At least three people will be placing complaints against this "blog-site."

conservative generation said...

Ummm...????...This post is a straight reprint from NY Daily News...

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