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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breaking: Court throws out John Hall suit challenging Nan Hayworth’s spot on the Independence ballot

By Sam Foster

This afternoon, the court hearing John Hall's suit against Nan Hayworth was thrown out of court.  The suit was a political maneuver to bump Hayworth off of one of the third party lines.

I wrote about Hall's political motivation for doing so earlier and despite the shrill, over-hyped accusations by leftwing bloggers, Hayworth prevailed in clearing her campaign.  

Nan Hayworth's press release had the following statements:

"It's highly unfortunate that during the course of the lawsuit, without any foundation whatsoever, Hall's campaign accused some very well-meaning people – mainly notaries – of potential fraud and misconduct. That conduct simply didn't happen," said Hayworth campaign manager John Hicks. "It's also unfortunate that this issue has taken up not only the court's time and resources, but has also distracted from the urgent matters we face in District 19 involving jobs and the economy."

Hayworth communications director Douglas Cunningham said, "I think we now know why John Hall was so eager to disseminate fabrications about what was actually going on in the courtroom in Albany. He would rather talk about anything else except his record, which is one of lost jobs and failed big-government programs. I think it's clear what the voters want to focus on, and that's renewing our economy, fixing the abysmal jobs picture and restraining a government that's too big and too costly."

Read the Judge's decision below:


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