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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Murphy’s big campaign messaging confusion: Where was Murphy again when aide Josh Schwerin called him an Independent?

By Sam Foster

Via Capital Confidential

"Everyone knows that Scott is an independent voice in Washington," said Murphy's aide Josh Schwerin.

Even as these words from the Murphy campaign found their way into the print media, Scott Murphy was attending a DCCC dinner with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  Not only was Murphy in attendance, but he was singled out by President Obama as someone who's reelection was critical to guarding his agenda.

But of course, he is an "independent voice" in Washington.

So who didn't read the memo?  Murphy's aide Josh Schwerin or Scott Murphy?

More on Scott Murphy's disconnected campaign…

Communications director for Chris Gibson, Dan Odescalchi sent out the following fact check through the Gibson press releases.

Murphy's Rhetoric: Scott Murphy stated in a May 27, 2010 press release that the "key to our economic recovery will be the growth and success of our small businesses.  We must cut taxes to spur innovation and give relief to our hardworking middle-class families."
Our Reality:  Scott Murphy's position on renewing the People's Tax Cuts hurts small businesses.  75 percent of small businesses are organized in such a way that they pay taxes under the individual tax rate structure.  Furthermore, about 68 percent of all manufacturers are organized to file at the individual rate so the impact will be felt by these critical job creators.

Murphy's Rhetoric: On March 24, on the floor of the House of Representatives, Scott Murphy said of the government takeover of healthcare, "This bill is going to help our small businesses… "
Our Reality:  But again, his rhetoric does NOT match his record. On August 9th, the Health Benefits Administrators in the region received notice that MVP is looking to increase rates by 30% to 35% because of "… the benefit expansions required by Federal and state health care reform legislation." Many local area businesses rely on MVP to provide healthcare benefits for their employees. National trends echo what we are seeing here in the 20th district.

Murphy's Rhetoric:  Of the Healthcare bill, Murphy said, "This bill is going to help our small businesses…"

Our Reality:  Businesses will have to send Form 1099s for every business to business transaction of $600 or more.  While Murphy has introduced legislation to address this issue, it is like starting a fire and then taking credit for calling the fire department to put it out.  
The Congressman is wrong. By increasing the cost of providing healthcare coverage, adding more regulatory burdens and further taxing our small businesses, his votes deter job creation and small business expansion.


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