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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NY Primary Results: Live Blogging the primary results for NY's 23rd congressional district

By Sam Foster

The polls closed at 9pm here in NY and the returns are about to roll in. I'll be trying to live-blog the returns for NY-23. I'll also be keeping tabs on the Republican gubernatorial race, senate races, NY-1 and NY-15 aka the Rangel race.

If you are interested in a preview of what's at stake in the NY primaries, check out my earlier post at Left Coast Rebel.

NCPR is also live blogging from NY-23 and I suspect they'll be the first to know the results of the race between Doug Hoffman and Matt Doheny.

I'll be reviewing the returns at NY Times.

See Coverage Below for Updates:

11:52 pm EST: It's going to be a close one, but I believe Doheny will emerge victorious tonight, but boy oh boy...great turnout in NY-23.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Matthew Doheny 12,667 53%
Douglas Hoffman 11,249 47%
. 92% reporting

11:47 pm EST: Charlie Rangel officially wins. Jay Townsend has also clinched victory for a run against Chuck Schumer.

11:30 pm EST: Things are looking up for Bill Owens. Doheny may be outside the absentee ballot margin. It's looking like Hoffman needs to win big in Clinton County.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Matthew Doheny 12,167 53%
Douglas Hoffman 10,847 47%
. 80% reporting

11:23 pm EST: "This isn't a win for Charlie Rangel, this is our community's win..." Charlie Rangel unofficially claims victory...for...the...people?

11:21 pm EST: 27 East News is reporting that Randy Altschuler has officially claimed victory for NY-1.

Randy Altschuler, a business owner from St. James, secured both the Republican and Conservative party lines in hard-fought primary elections on Tuesday, making him the official candidate for both parties for the 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mr. Altschuler, 39, will now go on to face U.S. Representative Tim Bishop of Southampton, the Democratic incumbent, on Election Day in November. Mr. Bishop, who is also endorsed by the Independence Party, is seeking his fifth term in Congress.

With more than three quarters of the Election Districts reporting on Tuesday night, unofficial results from the Suffolk County Board of Elections showed that Mr. Altschuler had a clear lead ahead of his Republican primary opponents, Chris Cox of Westhampton Beach and George Demos of Ronkonkoma. Republican leaders called the race a short time later.

“Randy Altschuler clearly is the victor in this race,” Suffolk County Republican Party Chairman John Jay LaValle said shortly before 10:30 p.m. At that time, Mr. Altschuler had received 46 percent of the votes, to Mr. Demos’s 31 percent and Mr. Cox’s 24 percent.

11:18 pm EST: Hoffman leading in Essex County and leading big in Clinton County

Essex County
Hoffman: 490

Doheny: 427

No percentage or number of precincts specified.

Clinton County
Hoffman: 1,560

Doheny: 883

37 of 70 districts reporting.

11:13 pm EST: Carl Paladino claims victory over Rick Lazio in NY to take on heavily favored Andrew Cuomo.

Via Washington Post

NEW YORK (AP) - Political novice and tea party ally Carl Paladino has beaten the Republican designee in the race for the party's nomination for New York governor.

Paladino rode a wave of voter anger on his way to defeating former Congressman Rick Lazio. It's another blow to the GOP in a heavily Democratic state.

Paladino, a millionaire Buffalo developer, will now take on the popular and well-financed Democratic attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, in November.

Paladino lost to Lazio at the state GOP convention but then petitioned his way to the primary by securing 30,000 Republican signatures statewide.

11:02 pm EST: HALFTIME! Most districts are close to 50% reporting. Here is the score board.

Paladino with a commanding lead so far.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Carl Paladino 161,024 67%
Rick Lazio 80,439 33%
. 43% reporting

Joe Dioguardi has a small lead over David Malpass

Republicans Votes Pct.
Joseph DioGuardi 91,102 41%
David Malpass 86,274 39%
Bruce Blakeman 43,099 20%
41% reporting

Looks like Jay Townsend will be taking on Chuck Schumer. Good luck...

Republicans Votes Pct.
Jay Townsend 117,545 56%
Gary Berntsen 91,150 44%
. 41% reporting

Looks like Randy Altschuler is the candidate for NY-1. Tim Bishop is back in the hot seat. However, the story is really that George Demos did very well, while Chris Cox and the massive number of Republican endorsements...poorly.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Randy Altschuler 9,515 45%
George Demos 6,341 30%
Chris Cox 5,077 24%
. 88% reporting

Rangel will continue to plunder? Still early...but he's got quite an early lead.

Democrats Votes Pct.
Charles Rangel incumbent 5,621 50%
Adam Clayton Powell 2,712 24%
Joyce S. Johnson 1,294 11%
Ruben Dario Vargas 911 8%
Jonathan B. Tasini 489 4%
Vincent Morgan 244 2%
26% reporting

Hoffman/Doheny? If I weren't getting conflicting reports from NCPR, I'd be writing Doheny the probable winner.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Matthew Doheny 9,666 53%
Douglas Hoffman 8,452 47%
. 62% reporting

10:59 pm EST: The boys from Jumping in Pools just sent me news that Paladino won Schoharie big!

Paladino won Schoharie County with 76.5% of the vote.

10:56 pm EST: Huge win for Hoffman. Hoffman claims Franklin County with a commanding lead.

Hoffman: 844

Doheny: 340

19 of 19 districts reporting.

10:52 pm EST: AP has Hoffman still up by 100, NY Times has Doheny with a commanding 1,000 vote lead.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Matthew Doheny 8,872 53%
Douglas Hoffman 7,795 47%
. 54% reporting

10:47 pm EST: This is funny. Watertown Daily Times has a report that Doheny sent out a mailer suggesting that he can't win a three-way race. Someone help me out, aren't you supposed to say "vote for me because I can win?"

10:44 pm EST: NY Times has NY-23 leaning for Doheny. However, Watertown Daily Times reports that there are 1,700 absentee ballots. We may not get a winner tonight. I believe with Hoffman as an army veteran, absentees would skew to favor him.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Matthew Doheny 4,698 53%
Douglas Hoffman 4,215 47%
. 34% reporting

10:37 pm EST: A dozen ethics violations? No big deal for NY-15...apparently. Rangel looks strong thanks to gerrymandering.

Democrats Votes Pct.
Charles Rangel incumbent 2,347 46%
Adam Clayton Powell 1,116 22%
Joyce S. Johnson 733 14%
Ruben Dario Vargas 462 9%
Jonathan B. Tasini 304 6%
Vincent Morgan 100 2%
Republicans Votes Pct.
Michel Faulkner uncontested
11% reporting

10:31 pm EST: WWNY has Hoffman with a small lead with 41% reporting.

Hoffman: 5,989

Doheny: 5,806

41 percent of NY-23 districts reporting.

10:27 pm EST: NCPR is reporting that Hoffman is off to a commanding lead on the East side of NY-23, though down on the West side, he's showing strong enough that Doheny is not taking any ground.

10:25 pm EST: Not much coming back in the way of NY-15 and Charles Rangel.

Democrats Votes Pct.
Charles Rangel incumbent 316 55%
Adam Clayton Powell 142 25%
Joyce S. Johnson 55 10%
Jonathan B. Tasini 28 5%
Ruben Dario Vargas 24 4%
Vincent Morgan 12 2%
Republicans Votes Pct.
Michel Faulkner uncontested
1% reporting

10:22 pm EST: Who will face Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in November? It's a close race so far, but right now Joe Dioguardi is in the lead. Polls showed him edging out David Malpass earlier.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Joseph DioGuardi 31,941 42%
David Malpass 28,766 38%
Bruce Blakeman 15,487 20%
12% reporting 12% reporting

10:13 pm EST: NCPR is reporting a 500 vote lead for Hoffman, because of a hugh Franklin County showing.

Here are the results so far.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Matthew Doheny 2,145 56%
Douglas Hoffman 1,657 44%
. 17% reporting

10:11 pm EST: Could be a rough night for Rick Lazio. Paladino is showing strong early.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Carl Paladino 53,629 71%
Rick Lazio 21,696 29%
. 9% reporting

10:08 pm EST: Looks like Randy Altschuler is holding tight to the lead in the three-way race for NY-1.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Randy Altschuler 1,531 46%
George Demos 1,037 31%
Chris Cox 745 22%
. 17% reporting

9:52 pm EST: Looks like Randy Altschuler is out to an early lead in NY-1 with 10% reporting.

Republicans Votes Pct.
Randy Altschuler 934 46%
George Demos 637 31%
Chris Cox 460 23%
. 10% reporting

9:49 pm EST: Looks like overall Doheny up +19, but lots of ballots still to count. Watertown is showing an East/West divide. Doheny taking the West side. Most reporting districts have been Western, not much coming in from the Hoffman side of NY-23 so far.

9:46 pm EST: Looks like the trend for NY-23 is in Doheny's favor. New results from Lewis County show Doheny with narrow lead.

Doheny: 570

Hoffman: 521

72 percent of precincts reporting.

9:44 pm EST: NY Times has Hoffman out to early lead, but only 3% reporting

Republicans Votes Pct.
Douglas Hoffman 275 57%
Matthew Doheny 207 43%
. 3% reporting

9:40 pm EST: NY Times has Paladino in an early lead at 58% to 42% with 1% reporing. Too early.

9:41 pm EST: Doheny wins big in Jefferson County.

(Canton 9:40 pm) From Jefferson County:

Doheny: 62 percent

Hoffman: 38 percent

100 percent of precincts reporting.


9:36 pm EST: Hoffman wins Harrietstown and holds lead in Franklin County. While Doheny leading in St. Lawrence and Lewis Counties. Big ones to watch is Oswego and Jefferson. Via NPR

9:33 pm EST: Paladino takes Jefferson County 54% to Lazio 46%, 100% precincts reporting. Via NCPR


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Paladino won Schoharie County with 76.5% of the vote.

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