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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The real Scott Murphy seen partying at the Roosevelt Hotel with President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel

By Sam Foster


"the last election was about a changing of the guard. This election is about guarding the change."


That's how President Obama summed up his efforts this evening at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC.  He was at a DCCC fundraising event for the NY Democrat congressional delegation. 


All the big leaders from Washington were present including Nancy Pelosi and the ethically deprived Charlie Rangel.  Yes, all the big supporters of the Obama agenda, those who need "guarding" as Obama put it, were present.  So when Obama singled out Murphy as one of the Democrats present at the event, who would be surprised?  That is unless you've seen Murphy's ads or watched Murphy pretend to be disassociated with the Washington agenda.


If anyone wonders what Scott Murphy is truly about, the real Scott Murphy was at the Roosevelt Hotel this evening, in NYC.


Fenway_Nation said...

I'd think all the Gibson campaign would have to do is run some of Murphy's ads from lasy year's special elections.

Kinda funny....last time I checked the comments section of the Times-Union political blog, there were a couple of die-hard liberals rah-rahing Murphy's Cap & Trade and 0bamacare vote and deriding Gibson as a Wall St. Lackey (or a military industrial lackey), but any lazy hack with more than one synapse can go over to open secrets and see for themselves the nearly 80,000 Murphy's campaign took in for last year's special election alone.

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