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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NY Primary results for NY's 23rd congressional district; No clear winner yet, too close to call

by the Left Coast Rebel
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Call in the attorneys, perhaps. It seems things (once again) in NY 23 have come down to a razor-thin race and perhaps may lead to a stall of sorts. Upstate NY's NCPR:

(11:56 pm) Matt Doheny appears to have stopped short of a victory speech in Watertown, but the crowd there is apparently pumped by their candidate's significant lead.

The Watertown Daily Times puts Doug Hoffman's deficit at around 600 votes, with only 13 districts outstanding.

That means it's within the margin of the absentee votes, but it would take a really crazy margin of absentees to overturn that kind of advantage…

We'll see how this pans out.

Updated: AP calls it for Doheny?:

(Canton 12:02 am) From the Associated Press:

BULLETIN (AP) _ Matthew Doheny, GOP, nominated U.S. House, District 23, New York.

I have a feeling the dust will settle on this one tomorrow....


Syracuse's Post-Standard reports that Doheny has a 600 vote lead, but Hoffman is making no consession as of yet. There are 1,700 absentee ballots and recanvassing to be done. After last year's recanvassing put Hoffman much closer to Bill Owens, I can see why.

By 2:15 a.m, today, Doheny had not declared victory and Hoffman had not conceded the election.

“We’re very pleased with the trend that we have seen tonight,” said Alison Power, speaking for Doheny. “The one thing that is certain is that we will be pulling together and beating Bill Owens in November.”

Hoffman's campaign insisted that the election was far from over, and planned to wait for the results of a recanvassing and the tabulation of absentee ballots.

“This race has turned into a real nail-biter and we plan to count every last vote,” Rob Ryan, Hoffman’s spokesman, said at 12:30 a.m. “In the end, we remain confident that Doug Hoffman will be victorious.”

With at least eight of the 11 counties in the sprawling district reporting 100 percent returns, Doheny led Hoffman, 15,106 to 14,495. About 1,700 absentee ballots remained to be counted, according to Hoffman’s campaign.

Ryan noted that the recount was just as important as the absentee ballots, given what happened in the 23rd District special election last year. Hoffman was cheated of about 1,200 votes in the initial count in Oswego County due to a tabulation error.


The Lonely Conservative said...

I like Hoffman, but this campaign wasn't well run. Doheny is no Scozzafava. If it turns out that Hoffman lost the primary I hope he suspends the campaign. We need every seat we can get to oust Pelosi and her statist army.

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