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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Young Voters for an Orlean's Reunion Tour "Vote with Me" gets media attention

By Sam Foster

As I pointed out, political marketing can have a major impact on a campaign. Earlier this week, Young Voters for an Orlean's Reunion Tour created a music video that spoof's Congressman John Hall's hit single "Dance with Me" called "Vote with Me."

Today, the local media picked up the music video and hit the streets to see what voters thought.

Here is News 12's coverage below.

Please note two things from the coverage.

First, John Hall's campaign manager makes an awkward pun that comes off very stale in comparison to YV's parody music video.

"..asking Hudson Valley families to dance with some pretty radical ideas."

Second, Nan picked up an endorsement from a very nice lady in a mini van. You can't buy publicity like that.

For those of you who still haven't seen "Vote with me," the video is below.


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