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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hall’s constituency is Nancy Pelosi? John Hall calls in sick to NY-19 debate with Nan Hayworth

By Sam Foster

With Republican Nan Hayworth the projected leader in NY-19, it would seem strange for Democrat incumbent John Hall to send someone else to debate Nan Hayworth, but that is exactly what happened yesterday.

According to Nan's press release:

The Dutchess County Association of Realtors invited both Dr. Nan Hayworth, Republican nominee for the 19th Congressional district, and Congressman John Hall (D) to a debate that was set for today in Poughkeepsie, but only Hayworth showed up. The debate covered a range of issues affecting small businesses and the Realtor community.

John Hall did not attend, and the Mayor of Beacon, Steve Gold, read Hall's answers in his place.
The House of Representatives did not meet today for votes or other legislative matters.
John Hicks, Campaign Manager, released this statement:
"This is another example of the absentee John Hall whose only constituency is Nancy Pelosi. Debates and the free exchange of ideas are a cornerstone of the American democratic system. Despite assurances from Hall himself and his staff that there would be a debate once the Republican nominee was named, Hall ducked out."

Meanwhile, Hall wants OFA to canvass and make up for his campaign shortcomings.  


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