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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Endorsements may swing momentum to David Malpass for NY Senate

By Sam Foster

Polls have shown that Joe Dioguardi has a slim lead amongst his opponents for the opportunity to face Kirsten Gillibrand for this year's senate race.  However, David Malpass is quickly stacking up some key endorsements.  Last week it was the NY Post.  This week, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani said of Malpass:

"David Malpass is a serious thinker who will serve in the tradition of some of New York's most distinguished United States senators," said Mayor Giuliani.  "David is a life-long fiscal conservative who has stayed true to his principles of limited government, low taxes and strong economic growth throughout his entire career, dating back to his service to President Reagan. I'm thrilled to endorse him as the next U.S. Senator because I know he will be a leader that New Yorkers can be proud of."

 "I'm deeply honored to receive the endorsement of 'America's Mayor' Rudy Giuliani," said Mr. Malpass. "Mayor Giuliani has proved that individuals with backbone can make a real difference in public office and in that spirit I will serve in the United States Senate. Our nation is in dire need of principled conservatives who will stop the spending madness of the current Congress and bring fiscal sanity back to the federal government."


Anonymous said...

Translation of Rudy Guiliani "endorsement": David Malpass has no relevant experience and couldn't win a high school debate or get elected because he has the personality of a fish. Malpass has never accomplished anything; (See ) He's been covering for Wall Street for years. And he's been WRONG on the economy and the housing crisis. Wake up, New York!

NYDB said...

This is as bad as the Bruce Blakeman and Al D'Amato connection. Once again the best interest is saving banks and for bailouts. Big mistake Giuliani! Rudy, were you not at the YNN/NY1 debate? Malpass blew it, big time! How about a refresher?

Anonymous said...

Bear Stearns' awfulness had no bounds:

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