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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Murphy endorses Chris Gibson position in latest campaign video

By Sam Foster

It's been a good week for Gibson's campaign and it seems as though everyone is coming out to agree with his position on fiscal responsibility. First it was NY schools, then it was the local press, and now Scott Murphy gives Chris Gibson a big shout out in his latest ad.

The ad featured below, will begin airing today.

"Sometimes they eat too much, just like congress spending money"

That's an excellent revelation and one that Chris Gibson has been talking about since he began campaigning at the end of last March. What is surprising is to see Scott Murphy finally on board with the idea of fiscal restraint. Especially, after his recent vote on the Education Jobs Bill which added another $12.5 billion to the deficit according to the nonpartisan CBO.

Over his tenure, Scott Murphy has been a rubber stamp vote for the Democratic agenda having voted for the Democrat's trillion dollar health care plan. If the purpose of this add was to say that Scott Murphy and his family believes that unfettered spending in Washington is appalling, then Murphy has been quite the prodigal son. He and congress have all but redefined the term Pay-as-you-Go to Spend-as-you-Please.

Even more surprising is that Scott Murphy decided to give Chris Gibson's stance on government spending a test-drive in his first campaign ad. After all, most candidates laud their own positions. I knew that come November a majority of voters in NY-20 would agree with Chris Gibson, I just didn't realize that Scott Murphy would be one of them.


Embarassing spelling errors removed thanks to NY-20 voter.


NY-20 Voter said...

If Murphy really feels this way he should resign considering his voting record what a joke

NY-20 Voter said...

Oh and Sam it is ad not add

conservative generation said...

NY-20 embarrassing.

Fenway_Nation said...

How can the rest of Murphy's family gathered there eat when the Congressman is busy trying to have his cake and eat it, too?

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