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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Challenger David Malpass Slams Gillibrand for attending Rangel's Birthday Party

By Sam Foster

NY Times writes

The timing of Mr. Rangel's party could not have been worse for many Democrats across the state: they face a brutal campaign climate. Many complained that the event, a few weeks before their party's primary, had forced them to choose between their allegiance to a venerable colleague and their own shot at re-election this fall.

Of course, many of NY's top Democrats paid their respects to congressman Rangel without regard to his numerous ethics violations.  Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was one of the many attendees.  Republican Challenger David Malpass released the following statement and video:

"Senator Gillibrand's priorities are seriously out of whack," said Mr. Malpass. "New Yorkers are suffering due to Washington's massive tax and spend policies that are killing jobs, yet our senator is more concerned with attending fundraisers at the Plaza with her big-government friends. She has refused to answer my call to donate the $29,000 she has received from Congressman Rangel, but she will have to answer to the voters in November. I don't know if she's done much talking with New Yorkers these days, but this is exactly the kind of behavior they are fed up with."


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