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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Janice Volk ruled out of the Republican primary for NY-29, Tom Reed likely to run opposed

By Sam Foster
Via The Evening Tribune
H/T The Fighting 29th

On Thursday, the race for the 29th Congressional District could be down to two candidates.

A hearing officer has ruled that 203 of Janice Volk's submitted signatures on her petition are invalid, John Conklin of the New York Board of Elections said.

Congressional candidates have to submit 1,250 signatures. With the hearing officer's findings, Volk — who's trying to challenge Tom Reed in a Republican primary — would only have 1,127 signatures.

The election board will listen to the hearing officer's recommendation and issue a final decision on Thursday. While it's not automatic that the board will listen to the hearing officer, Conklin said generally it follows his recommendation.

Janice Volk campaign manager Terry Cary wrote in the Elmira Star yesterday that a legal challenge would not be a likely route for the Volk campaign.  

The battle in Albany will require paying lawyers to fight for her right to be on the ballot.

Janice is a fiscal conservative and will not spend more than she has. Fundraising efforts are on hold until she knows her name will be on the ballot. This legal challenge is acting as a barrier for Janice's congressional run.

It seems at this point that only a legal challenge of the election board can keep Volk in the race.  Should she decline, Tom Reed will clinch the Republican line on this November's ballot.


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