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Monday, August 16, 2010

NRA calls Gillibrand a liar: Kirsten Gillibrand receives Brady endorsement

The times certainly have changed for appointed senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  With a broader, more liberal voter base thanks to NYC, Gillibrand has decided to flip-flop her traditional stand on gun control.  After having sat atop of the NRA's rating through her entire tenure with the US congress, Gillibrand has accepted an endorsement from the Brady gun control group.  

The switch prompted a fiery response from the NRA.  WSJ reports:

"She was either being dishonest with her voters in the congressional district or she's being dishonest to the voters in New York state," said the NRA's chief lobbyist, Chris W. Cox. "Either way, the key word is dishonest."

While the switch is likely to have little effect on who votes for/against Gillibrand, it could mean serious NRA donations for a Republican Gillibrand challenger.


Anonymous said...

Gillibrand gave up her true beliefs on guns and shooting to get into bed with Chuck Shummer and Bloomberg. Shes a sellout, a liar and a disgrace.

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