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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Matt Doheny of NY-23 admits to BWI

By Sam Foster
Via Watertown Daily Times

The race in NY's 23rd Congressional District is perhaps, one of the strangest races in NY at the moment.  Now that Republican candidate Matt Doheny has admitted to two BWI charges.  The race is bound to get more interesting.

Watertown Daily Times reports:

Matthew A. Doheny, a Republican candidate for the 23rd Congressional District, has disclosed that he was twice charged with boating under the influence during a two-week span in 2004.

"I'm deeply embarrassed that it happened," he said. "I'm disappointed in my actions and disappointed as to what happened."

Mr. Doheny decided to make the information public — rather than wait for an opponent to do so — after the Times recently asked him about rent issues he had in New York City in 2000 and 2005.

That's not all the newspaper found.  Matt Doheny and Democrat incumbent Bill Owens had a civil cases filed against them.  

Mr. Owens was director of Champlain Enterprises, the parent company of Commutair, and was sued nine years ago by two members of the company's employee stockholder plan.

Clay Schroers, Mr. Owens's campaign spokesman, said he later was removed as a defendant.

The congressman was sued recently in a Vermont small claims court over a dispute in payment to an architect. The case was dismissed, Mr. Schroers said.

Mr. Doheny in April 2006 was sued by a contractor who alleged that the candidate underpaid him for improvements to his island home.

Mr. Doheny moved for the case to be dismissed, according to paperwork supplied by the campaign. A Jefferson County judge granted that dismissal eight months later.

Mr. Doheny was sued twice, in 2000 and 2005, for failing to pay rent on time for separate New York City apartments.

Doug Hoffman remains pristine where the law is concerned.  He reported no criminal or civil court actions.


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