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Thursday, August 5, 2010

UPR Interview: 2006 gubernatorial candidate John Faso on Chris Gibson’s run for NY-20

By Sam Foster

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with the esteemed John Faso, 2006 Republican candidate for NY’s gubernatorial election and UPR reader. Since, John and Chris Gibson hail from Kinderhook, NY and know each other, I asked for John’s take on the upcoming election for NY's 20th congressional district. Please read my interview with him below!

1. Pundits have debated over how much trouble Scott Murphy is in, what’s your take and what are Chris Gibson’s odds at taking the election?

I think the odds are good, but this will be a hard-fought, competitive race. The incumbent has a large campaign warchest, primarily funded by DC PACS and unions. However, Gibson outraised Murphy in the second quarter and is really connecting with people in the district. Unlike Murphy, he has real roots here.

2. What are Chris Gibson’s biggest strength’s and weaknesses in his campaign for NY-20 and what does he need to do to win the seat?

His biggest strength is his background and accomplishments as a career military officer and as a scholar. Chris also relates very well to the average person and businessowner in the district; he grew up here and his views are very much in tune with where the district is right now. People are opposed to more power and decision-making authority going to Washington DC; they are petrified of the deficit and the debt. They see Murphy as strictly a "yes man" for the Obama and Pelosi agenda.

His main weakness, that he has never run for office, is also a strength in 2010.

3. Have you any sort of feeling about what issues Chris is most passionate about? If so, what are they?

He is most passionate about a federal government which has become too large; too powerful and too invasive in its role in the economy. He is also passionate about the need to better coordinate the national response to the terrorist threats.

4. What is one thing voters aren’t likely to know about Chris Gibson, but should?

Good question: I think the biggest challenge any non-incumbent has is just getting known. So the one thing voters need to know is that Chris Gibson is very talented, very smart and extremely dedicated to the Nation and the well-being of our citizens.

5. Chris Gibson has achieved several impressive accomplishments in his first 3 months of campaigning; he outraised Murphy by a large margin and out petitioned him 2 to 1. Are these achievements a telling indication of the mood of NY-20, a well run campaign, both, or neither?

Both: people in the 20th, like many other places around the country, disagree with the direction the federal government is taking. That is why he is going to win this November in the 20th.

6. What is the likelihood I’m going to have the pleasure of voting for you again on a state-wide ballot?

One can't predict the future so while it is probably not likely, you "never say never". We can at least say with certainty that our campaign was correct in everything we said in 2006 about the state and how to fix its economy! But, I've been honored to have the chance to run and have no regrets.

Please learn more about Chris Gibson or donate at his campaign site!


Left Coast Rebel said...

You're doing great work here, Sam!

Anonymous said...

Col. Gibson is doing something that Scott Murphy is not. Col. Gibson is listening to the people and their concerns. I have seen him at events and their is no one there who will not get to talk to Chris if he/she wants to. It doesn't matter if you are young, old, dress to the nines or in street clothes. Chris will listen.

Please ask Congressman Murphy to pick a date to debate Col. Gibson who is still waiting for a reply to the invitation.

Anonymous said...

My experience at Murphy's Clifton Park office was that, instead of listening to my point of view on the issues, his representative attempted to persuade me otherwise with all of his prepared "talking points".
Contrast that with meeting Chris personally in Galway. I asked him 10 questions and he clearly stated his position on all and gave the reason why he held these positions. What a breath of fresh air Col. Gibson is in this political arena!
Go Chris, bring back honor and honesty to this district.

Lizziebzmom said...

That impressed me as well that Chris Gibson has consistently given clear answers on his position on the issues. More than anything else, though, he is more qualified than most of the the other politicians running for office and, most certainly, Scott Murphy. Chris has the education and the experience, as well as the values and love of country, to represent us and to help reverse the direction America is going under the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Murphy regime. betterment of America.

Anonymous said...

Chris Gibson speaks WITH the residents of the NYS 20th Congressional District, not TO the residents. Gibson wants to hear the views and concerns of his neighbors because he hails from this area of the country. Murphy, who is from Missouri, disregards the views of his constituents and listens only to Reid and Pelosi.

Scott Murphy, a venture capitalist, is a millionaire who doesn't care about the livelihoods of Capitol Region residents.

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